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Call for papers will end on March 31, 2017, 11:59 p.m. UTC.

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If you want to apply for a technical talk or a technical workshop (about a programming language for instance), you are also welcome in the Libre Software Meeting! However your submission will have to fit one of the topics. Theses topics have been thought to promote the diversity of free uses and to avoid keeping aside technical talks and technical workshops from everything else.

If you need clarification about the themes please follow this link.

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Underlying thread

This year the common theme of the LSM will be "Free and Change" (a pun with the french expression for "Free Trade"), in which free culture is of course very important, but especially when free culture interacts with the world and "changes" it. "Free and Change" can be understood as Free Exchange (or Free Trade), to underline the profound desire we have in Saint-Étienne for richer interactions. That would be philosophically, economically and in each and every levels of our relations with others.

Check the box(es) corresponding to the underlying thread(s) of this talk, if relevant.
Please notify us if you believe that your communication, which you subscribed inside a particular topic above, is tightly or loosely connected to another topic, or if it can be linked to the cross-topic defined for RMLL 2017: 'libre et change'. Do not hesitate to develop in a few words the reason(s) underlying this connection
Information about the speaker(s)
First name, last name, email of the speaker(s). One speaker per line. Each line should respect the following format: « Firstname Lastname [speaker@domain.tld] »
  • Albert Einstein [albert.einstein@relativi.ty]
  • Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger [erwin@colorime.try]
Add a few words about the speaker(s). Their, work, activities, involvement in free software, etc. It will be published with the abstract on the event website.
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RMLL/LSM is a FLOSS event with limited resources. But (and as usual), for speakers which need it we can refund their transportation charges. If you are in such case, please fill out the following fields.
If you know the estimated cost of the transportation, it will be easier for us to have a clear view of the expenses we could engage.
Professionals, organisations and companies wishing to financially support the RMLL/LSM will get more information on the website: