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What's new on the LSM 2017 ?

Changes and Orientations for 2017

"Libre and change" is the literal translation a French pun "Libre et Change" based on "Libre échange" which means (and sounds like) "Free exchange". We want to emphasize the opposition between a closed and proprietary world and an opened one based on the exchange of knowledge and points of view.

For this 2017 LSM we have chosen "Libre and Change" as our main theme which expresses what we want to emphasize for this event. Sharing and changes are on our agenda. Sharing with and into the Free Culture in all its aspects with the general public and with professionals and with institutions as a whole, in order to change and transform the practices of the today's society. In order to do so, this year will have more transversal themes, mixing different audiences and different usages, as well as convivial evening parties to enjoy free creations. The "Cooperative Needs" is a place where people could share and confront ideas and points of view as well as establish new contacts. There will also be a hub of interaction with the audience so as to help, look for and find solutions. Finally, the Professional Fair (2 days) will be the place and time to meet with the people working with the Libre as a main and direct source of income. This will be the opportunity to underline that Free Software oriented business can be successful and sustainable, meanwhile making the Free Culture visible and fostering its value and valorization.


This year's edition there will be less themes compared to previous editions so as to stick to our underlying thread: "Libre and Change". We want those themes to always be related to society in ordre to emphasize and make more visible the benefits carried out and brought through the Libre Movement as a whole. This also aims at a better mix of the different aspects of the Libre. So there is neither specific technical themes, nor educational themes, nor Free Culture or DIY themes. Instead we have selected eight main cross-disciplinary themes, each of them gathering fields and skills that could overlay another theme depending on their orientation. For instance, Graphics will most likely be shared by the "User Side" theme and the "Libre Aesthetics" theme.

Evening Parties

Every evening of the LSM, you will invited you to celebrate the Libre and Free culture at evening parties (6 pm - 8 pm). There will be free movies (projections), free music (concerts) and free theater. One evening will be dedicated for the "Dinner of the Libre", a famous rendezvous of the LSM.

Cooperative Needs

The "Cooperative Needs" is a way to create bridges between cooperative practices and offers of software support (work in progress or documentation). There will be the "Lightning Talks" and the "Ads Market". The "Lightning Talks" is a quick 5 minute presentation to launch a conversation on a very specific topic with any person. When the 5 minutes are over, the speaker would leave the room with the persons interested to discuss the topic somewhere else and a new speaker would take his place. These "Lightning Talks" will take place every afternoon from 2 pm to 5 pm. Registrations will be on site in the morning on the same day as the afternoon Talks. The "Ads Market" is a place where project initiators would publish their contact informations and their needs, in order to look for/meet with new people to help and enhance their projects. This aims at:

Professional Fair

The Libre Professionals are invited to join us to present, explain and share their methodology and the issues they have to deal with because they use and promote the Libre. We would like to know what are your goals and aspirations and how you deal working with and around free softwares vis-à-vis citizen and cooperative movements, as well as institutions and businesses. You will have the opportunity to meet financial backers, lawyers and many service providers who can facilitate the integration of free software in your organization. Your users and clients will be able to chat directly with your engineers, designers, etc.


The road is long AND the way is Free.